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Frequently Asked Questions

You will immediately be redirected to the membership area where you will login and start enjoying the course specially reserved for smart action taker like you.

Yes of course! We understand that many people like you are fond of their smartphone and will prefer learning with it as well, so we have done the course in a very simple way so that you can be able to access and practice with your smartphone.

Yes! We are not just teaching you but also giving you all the important tools, checklist, templates and swipe files that you will ever need to implement it all. Although, some of these tools costs us a lot to get. Yet, we are giving it to you for FREE.

In that case, why is Billgate not giving out his best-selling book for FREE since he is already a billionaire? Why is Dangote still selling #50 salt since he is already making Billions? You have to understand the difference between business opportunities and how philanthropy works.

Then we don’t want your money. PERIOD!!!

If you don’t like the training you have no reason to register, so keep your money and enjoy life with it. The reality is having trained over 2753 people online, no one has ever complained because we overdeliver and our ultimate goal is VALUES irrespective of the price you pay for our courses.