The gateway to sales is  WhatsApp DM, most Whatsapp Marketers avoid this as much as they can due to the stress of replying messages and saving contact manually. But with a perfect whatsapp automation, this is the best way to sell on whapsapp.


The more automated your sales process is (saving contacts, follow ups), the more time you can spend on the most important things in your business

know you might have come across different WhatsApp Automation Courses, but one thing I can guarantee you is, The WhatsApp Automation Mastery Pack is an outstanding one.

What if I tell you that you don’t need to bother again about the tonnes of messages you receive on a daily basis with the replies you would be giving them.

What if I tell you that you don’t need to save any contact again for the rest of your life…

What if I tell you that you can now send Personalized Broadcast Messages with your prospect’s name mentioned in each and every message they receive just like email Broadcast.

What if I also tell you that you can even schedule Personalized Broadcast Message to go at a particular time and date. 

All you need to do, is to scheduled the message and allow the bot do the rest.

Well, it will shock you to know that all the above mentioned features have been made possible via the Whatsapp Automation Mastery Pack.

Without wasting time, let’s see the massive pack content.


Auto-save new unsaved contact without touching your phone using the three different strategies of saving contacts.

  • Autosave contact as soon as it arrives your dm via a personalised link.
  • Request for the name of random unsaved contacts that land in your dm and save them in a blink of an eye. 
  • Auto-save unsaved contacts using generic name in less 3 seconds as they land your dm

For any of the above autosave feature, I will go on a Google Meet with you to help you set the feature to start working, in less than 35 minutes, we are done.

Get this three features


Would you like to see how the autosave feature work practically?

Then, watch this Demo Video

You can watch in full screen by clicking the box icon next to YouTube by the right hand side of the video.



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Would you like to see more on how the autosave feature work practically?

Then, watch this Second Demo Video

You can watch in full screen by clicking the box icon next to YouTube by the right hand side of the video.



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Schedule Personalized Broadcast Messages with the prospect individual’s names mentioned in every of the message they receive.

This way, you can make your post go in a particular time & date.

Schedule the post & just relax, the bot will finish the rest.

How to send files to hundreds of individuals.

Files such as image, videos, PDF file & others when attached to your Personalized Broadcast Messages without getting any form of failed error message.

This is indeed a game changer.

Get this two features


How to create WhatsApp Funnel on Autopilot

This will help you attend to yours prospect from the beginning to the very end of the chat without touching your phone for once.

Zero Involvement

Get only this feature


How to create Automatic error message that will redirect prospect to follow the right instructions without your involvement.

Get only this feature



How to create a WhatsApp bot that works perfectly well with the same WhatsApp number of yours not using a different one (except if you wish to) just like the MTN Zigi

Get only this feature


How to perfectly use and personalise auto-reply Messages, that will mention the names of the contact that it is replying to.

Get only this feature


How to Automatically hold upto 30 WhatsApp classes without your involvement.

Get only this feature


How to fix all types of autoresponder apps that are not responding to messages or those that keeps stopping, with the best debugging system ever! (Exposing the secret of making Autoresponder apps work 24/7, the secret that even the WhatsApp Automation Hack Coaches do not know about).

Get only this feature


If you calculate the Total Value of this Value Loaded Pack, you would have seen that the total sum gives ₦129,500.

That means, that is the amount you should be paying for this course pack.

But not to worry!

At this point, I know you are doubting if all these features are actually possible. I know that feeling. Infact, if I were you, I will also doubt in the same way, because this is a dream come true scenario.

This is a Game Changer for WhatsApp Marketers and for you who have been looking for a way to save those hundreds of contacts that land in your DM on a daily basis.

Worry no more, because here has come the final solution that you have been looking for.

Now, here comes The Crazy Offer which will last for only few days from now.

I shall be giving you all The Course Pack at a very affordable discount instead of 129,500.



WhatsApp Automation Mastery

Don't run your next TRAFFIC CAMPAIGN to WhatsApp until you implement this SAVING CONTACTS AUTOMATICALLY

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Isiaka Idris Osheku has mad tech brain. Imagine when someone comes to your WhatsApp and the moment he drops his name via chat, it automatically saves to your Gmail contacts and on your phone. I've always loved using automation but with what Idris has done, the process is now shorter without actually downloading those contacts. Follow this guy. He's an amazing guy.
Emeka Nobis
Imo State, Nigeria.
This automation course is so so detailed and got value for my money. I made back my course fee in less than 24 hours. Thank you so much. Best course in the month of May so far. Tanum Creations Lagos, Nigeria.
Tanum Creations
Lagos, Nigeria.
Thank you for the Autosave Contact set up. It has really been helping by helping me maximize my time and not think of saving contacts. Its such an awesome innovation, I must say.​
Habeebat Kamil (Naijasalesqueen)​
From Lagos, Nigeria
Osheku Tech, I actually want to be sure of the service, that's the reason why I took my time before dropping this my review about your service You're actually the best in this thing and your customer service is top-notch, you give your customers over value and you make sure the enjoy their purchase I'm enjoying the bot, Thanks for this sir
Timothy Ogunjinmi
Oyo State, Nigeria
I sincerely appreciate all your efforts to making this automation work Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have met you God bless you abundantly and make all things work perfectly for your good boss I'm grateful!
Coach Yetunde Laura
Ogun, Nigeria
This is the best system of saving contact ever, literally saving contacts without touching your phone At first I was doubting but wow! I am a living testimony that you can now save contact without touching your phone. This has saved me a lot stress, saving contact manually or using forms. I really appreciate you boss. You and your team are the best.
Villa TV
Lagos, Nigeria.


My whatsapp automation does not work with IOS device.

But if you are using IOS device and your are not ready to change device anytime soon to experience automation that doesn’t require monthly or yearly subscription, you might want to consider using cloud based automation.

I will recommend you register on Autopult and use 1 week Free trial, Click Here to register

No please, the autosave Feature only works with some particular brand of android device. These brands of android include Samsung, Redmi, OPPO, Nokia, and Huawei guaranteed.