Whatsapp Automation Like No Other

I bet you, you have never seen a WhatsApp Automation like this before.

Follow me, and I will make you see the amazing stuff I am about to show you. 

Imagine Automating your WhatsApp to Reply Messages and save hundreds and thousands of contacts automatically as you generate leads to your whatsapp even while you sleep.

Imagine saving your whatsapp contacts with their REAL NAMES as they come in hundreds and thousands automatically without even touching your phone.

Amazing Right?

come with me… I will show you more…


You missed out!


Imagine a bot that replies to your prospect from the beginning to the ending without your intervention.

As your prospects land in your dm, the bot replies them all in a personalized form, addressing them with  ACTUAL NAMES, making the conversion so humanly.

Imagine a bot that understands what time is it.

A bot that replies greeting according to the right time. 

A bot that will correct and direct prospects when they aren’t following the right instructions.

Imagine you seated and watch the whatsapp bot respond to all your whatsapp messages as your leads land your dm till the point of closing.

Imagine a bot that closes deals for you even while you sleep.


Osheku Tech

well, I am Osheku Tech and I will teach you the impossible whatsapp automation that I have used over time to 10x my online business on whatsapp.

Just imagine if all these features that I mentioned above were possible 

what will it be like for you? 

Take a moment, think about the stress free time you will enjoy.

 Think about how you can now have more time to do other important things in your business and in your life.

Think about the fact that you never have to save whatsapp contacts manually again or import contacts for the rest of your life, as this is a Lifetime Offer just for NOW.


Oh Yes! 

You heard me right, it is for life.

No monthly or yearly subscription, just one time payment.

Awesome! Right?

I know, this is a game changer for you. It will be crazily awesome if these features can come to reality for you.

But Guess What!

What you don’t know is, all the above mentioned features are already a reality.

They have been made possible in The Whatsapp Automation Mastery Course Pack.

I know at this point, you are like, WOW! Am I dreaming or something?

But don’t worry, I have a FREE video that will show you how this bot works.

Before I continue, please note the following to avoid being disappointed at the end of the day.

Note ⚠ 

  • This is not for you, if you don’t or intend to generate massive leads to your WhatsApp.
  • This is not for you, if you enjoy replying to hundreds of messages manually.
  • This is not for you, if you are not tired of saving whatsapp  contacts manually or using forms to import whatsapp contacts in other to save them.

  • This course is only for those who are tired and frustrated of replying thousands of messages and saving hundreds of whatsapp contacts manually on daily bases.

50% Done For You 


  • This is not for you, if you are looking for a cheap Whatsapp Automation Course, this is a 50% Done For You Course as you will get already made templates For FREE. This means almost half of the work has been done for you.

LIke I mentioned earlier, I would be giving you a FREE video that will show you how this bot works.

In fact, I want you to practically see how the bot works even before watching the video. So click the Access Button to get access to the FREE Video via my whatsapp and also see how amazing this bot will respond to you in a personalised form.

Click the access button to get access.


Does the bot work with iOS devices?

No please, the bot doesn’t work with iOS devices. It only works with Android device.


Does the Autosave Feature work for all android?

No please, the autosave Feature only works with some particular brand of android device. These brands of android include Samsung, Redmi, OPPO, Nokia, and Huawei guaranteed.

Please note that the autosave part of the bot doesn't work with Techno, Infinix and Gionee. This means that every other part of the bot works well with all types of android devices (provided they have Notification Access) but the the Autosave Feature that saves contact automatically doesn't work with Techno, Infinix and Gionee.


Is this a subscription based whatsapp automation?

No please, this is not a subscription based whatsapp automation, with just a payment, you get a Lifetime Access to the autosave bot.


Is this a cloud based whatsapp automation?

No please, this is not a cloud based whatsapp automation, this an automation on your android phone which requires some android applications with coded files that need to be plugged in for it to start working.


How do I know if my android device has Notification Access or not?

To know if your android device has Notification Access or not. Kindly go to your Phone Settings and search for the exact Phrase Notification Access. 

If you get a response like NOT FOUND, this means the feature is not available on your device. As a result, no autoresponder will work on that particular android device.

However, if eventually you searched for it and found that it appears the Notification Access, this means that the feature is present and all autoresponder will work on such android device, including the autosave bot.

Basically, only few android devices don't have the Notification Access Feature. The chances that your android device would have the Notification Access is very high.


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